About Us

A Complete Design/Build Company

For over 40 years, PETRO Design/Build has been making gardens more livable.

We create outdoor living spaces that invite all season use. From Italian outdoor kitchens to Rocky Mountain fireplaces, PETRO Design/Build is positioned to handle any project you can dream of for your outside use while keeping the ecology of the site in mind. We provide value-added solutions for drainage and erosion along with sustainable and ecological landscape solutions.

The PETRO Design/Build staff includes experts in construction management, landscape architecture, horticulture, stormwater management, ecology and garden design. An excellent record of client satisfaction and enduring projects proves our commitment to cost-effective design and quality workmanship.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable design practices have been an integral part of our work throughout our history, well before the term “green” became popular.

PETRO Design/Build Group is committed to environmentally sound business practices. We apply smart design thinking; we source products locally; we promote energy-saving retrofits. We encourage watershed protection through on-site storm water management and the practice of sustainable landscape techniques.

Frequent use of native plants, the reduction of lawn area, rainwater retention and the enhancement of wildlife habitat as well as avoiding the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as pesticides, glues, and solvents are a few examples of our efforts to restore and maintain the ecosystems.  We have always been concerned with energy efficiency, air quality, conservation of natural resources, the use of non-toxic materials and living with the environment in our designs and installations.

We encourage our clients to consider integrating eco-friendly and sustainable resources into their landscapes and lives.

Our Process

Very few projects are alike. You may have some immediate needs that can be addressed during the initial consultation and then detailed and estimated in order to schedule construction, manage stormwater or enhance an existing landscape. This is a more time sensitive option for sites that do not require a complete site development plan.

In order to begin the design/build process, we will provide you with a comprehensive Questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts. Your responses will acquaint us with your goals, style, and budget. This feedback will help us to conceptualize an environment truly tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

To receive your copy, please contact us at 301-249-9000 or by email to info@petrodesignbuild.com.


How it works

Initial Consultation
After we receive your completed Questionnaire, we will schedule an initial consultation on site to review your goals for the project(s), brainstorm ideas and help you determine immediate and long-term budgets. There will be an initial consultation fee for this first meeting.

Specifications and Estimating
Depending on the size and scope of your intended renovations or new development you may benefit more from a comprehensive design for your site. We would then initiate a Design Proposal.

Design Contract
Once the scope of the project has been determined, a design contract will be prepared detailing the area(s) of the project with a fee schedule.

Site Analysis and Preliminary Design
The site analysis is a detailed study of the property’s existing features including land formations, structures, plants to be retained or removed, and drainage considerations. This analysis is essential in order to develop a preliminary design. (We ask that you provide us with a property plat and a grading plan, if available.) Information gathered through this site analysis will be incorporated into a preliminary design along with an estimated budget for each phase of the project.

Final Design
The master design will incorporate additional information and details such as construction materials. It will also include a planting plan with specifications.

Once the final design has been completed and priced accordingly, installation can begin. Each projects installation is tailored to meet the clients’ schedule and may be completed in phases.